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About This Service

China Sourcing Agent/Product Sourcing/Professional Sourcing

I'm a native Chinese and have more than 13 years of experience in product sourcing and International trade (besides years of working experience in factories). I and our team main members, who have more than five years of working experience in the textile industry, electronics, machinery industry, and so on. So we would like to become your sourcing agent in China and assist you to source products with high quality and competitive price.

As your sourcing agent in China, we are able to supply the following sourcing services: 

☆  Factories Certificates Auditing (Including to Verify It in Government Websites).

☆  Products Quality Comparison and Reviews, Between Different Factories and Different E-commerce Platforms.

☆ Negotiation

☆ Samples Shipping and Inspection

☆ Brand Packing

☆ Return Service

☆Warehouse Service

☆International Shipping


☆ Customized Services


Amazon FBA Sourcing 

E-commerce Sourcing

Alibaba Sourcing Agent

Aliexpress Sourcing Agent 

1688 Sourcing Agent 
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