virtual assistant in china|Provide China agent services and product sourcing services

I'm Tyler, I have a studio in Shanghai and Guangzhou city, China. I've been in e-commerce since 2010. And I have a local store and a small company in my city. I have a lot of experience in the business. And I also have a lot of experience in the dropship, I have a lot of experience in Chinese express delivery. I'm sure I'll help your business a lot.I have been shopping on Taobao for many years, and I have a very close relationship with suppliers of Alibaba's major manufacturers. I am good at negotiating with suppliers.

My services:

I will do product sourcing, factory search. Delivery in 2 days.
Factory Verification, to make sure you don't get scammed.
Best pricing negotiation. Delivery in 2 days.
Lowest MOQ negotiation. Delivery in 2 days.
Samples/ Prototypes. Delivery in 3 days.
Packaging. Shipping. Delivery in 2 days.
Quality control.Delivery in 4 days.
Amazon FBA. Delivery in 2 days.
Dropshipping. Delivery in 2 days.
Orders fulfillment from China and the USA. Delivery in 5 days.
product sourcing,
suppliers sourcing,
fabric sourcing,
finding contacts,
finding email addresses,
internet research,
finding a gift,
finding product,
finding supplier,
finding a service,
specialty is clothing
I can help you find reliable suppliers according to the photos or product names you provide and provide you with the most appropriate way of cooperation.
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