wechat help friend sign up|$55 NZD= Help you scan the qr code to register a WeChat account+I can address your wechat issues in 24 hours.

 Hello, my name is Donglong, I can fix your wechat scan QR code verification in  24 hours. And be your friend with your wechat registration and wechat account set up.
I am very professional in this field, I help a lot of people from the United States, Canada, Morocco, Japan, and so on, every region, help them get access to WeChat use or remove restrictions, many of them become friends with me, I am a positive and friendly person. I will be patient for you to solve your problems, we will become friends, thank you very much for your support!
Why should you have a wechat account?

What can I do?
  • We already integrated 15+ Wechat login with Wechat scan and Wechat pay integration and developed 4+ Wechat stores with Wechat mini program.
  • We can fix Wechat verification wechat registration wechat register wechat login and Wechat sign up issues in 24 hours.
  • 12+ cases on Wechat app scan qr code and wechat verify for their Wechat account.
  • We help you for wechat qr code Wechat ranking wechat Group Wechat search and Wechat marketing.
  • Unlock your wechat account.
  • register a wechat official account with overseas license.

Phone: 09 5507277
Service Type: business support
Cost: $55 NZD
Service Time: 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Escrow Transaction: We follow kiwikiwifly escrow transaction process. When your payment is submitted for a particular service.  we can receive our money from this platform after my job is submitted and marked complete. 
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My Review Score:4.8
Business Number: I am a freelancer
I can't guarantee that I can solve all the problems, but I will try my best to help you solve it. If I fail, I will not charge you any fees, please rest assured, so please contact me before placing the order! 

Foreign registration of WeChat is more and more difficult, WeChat requirements are very strict. Because there are more than 1 billion WeChat users in China, it is very difficult to register WeChat now, especially in foreign countries, where WeChat is limited by regions. Since my cost is also very high, my price is a little higher than before, please forgive me, thank you very much for your support! Thank you very much! 

$55 Basic = Help you scan the code to register WeChat(Because regional restrictions may not be easy )

$100 Standard  = Helps you unblock WeChat restricted login issues (general difficulty)

$150 Premium = Helps you lift the WeChat restricted login problem (very difficult)


 Please contact me, I am waiting for your letter!  
What does good storytelling and post look like on WeChat?

No need to be perfect. People feel they can also do it and you can be good friend with them.

How to choose a suitable WeChat official account for my business? 

Use wechat service account to provide daily content to convey your value and communicate with your followers.
Use wechat subscription account to provide service and company announcements.
overseas company only can choose wechat subscription account.

How can my wechat not be locked by wechat team?

Do not use wechat personal account for posting ads or any items. Do not post any ads to wechat group. Register a wechat official account or wechat mini program

Can I have 2 wechat account? How can I have many WeChat accounts??  

Everyone can register 5 WeChat accounts. If you want to have more than 5, you can ask your family members to help. or you can buy one.

How do you keep the wechat groups vibrant? How do you define the purpose of the wechat group? 

Think about why you gather them, what is your product, and what can you provide, how your group service can improve their daily life.
Do wechat has an advertising system like facebook ads or google ads?

YES. WeChat does have an advertising system. By wechat advertising system, your buyers can find your business. You can set up ads location, ads period, customers type settings like gender, phone type settings.
How long can you help me reigster a new wechat account?
Generally speaking , it will take about 24 hours.
Can you 100% guarantee that help me scan the qr code to register a WeChat account?
No worries, We alreay helped over 38 get through the wechat scan qr code verification. and the most important point is that. We follow this platform(kiwikiwifly.com) escrow transaction process. When your payment is submitted, we must complete and deliver our work to you. Until you receive the work, we can receive our money from this platform escrow account. If we didn't complete your requirements, you will get your money back from this platform and we cannot release the money from this platform, You didn't pay me directly but via this platform.
How can I buy this order?
Click that pay to this user orange button, and don't forget to  submit my id: Donglong on your paypal payment pages to this platform.

Pay Tips 27-05-20


Donglong does fantastic, fantastic work..The best around..She communicated effectively, delivers on time and does unbelievable work..Very talented..I will definitely use again in the future!
Easy to work with and provides high quality items! Would highly recommend!
Went above and beyond , very happy with the results. Will be asking for her help in the near future.
It is always a pleasure to work with Donglong. Thank you for the many revisions and clear communication. Talented individual!
Really fantastic. Thank you for the WeChat scan QR code verification and fixed my wechat login issue. She showed great care and attention, even taught me some things, and walked me through the process for completion. I had fantastic communication and was polite and courteous.
Donglong is very easy in communication, open to questions or opinions/ideas. Next to that, she offers quality wechat scan qr code verification jobs, which will definitely live up to your expectations. Thanks again man, we’ll speak in the future! Thank you again for solving my wechat login problem.
OMGosh, Donglong! Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? Thoroughly happy and super satisfied with your product and delivery. I spent over 2 days to find a WeChat scan QR code verification. You know, Two days, I always looking for Sign up wechat without qr code on google, from one page to another page. Two days wasted. Not find one tutorial works!I realized without a friend from mainland, China. I cannot get a WeChat account. I have to find a friend for my WeChat verification. You are my GO. TO. GIRL. FOREVER. I will be contacting you for order #2 soon but will run it by you first. I got an idea! I want more and more WeChat account for my business, your WeChat registration service is awesome! Thank you again, Donglong! Talk soon!
Thank you so much for your kind words. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. And I'm really glad you're happy with the results.
@Hokitika Thank you. It was an interesting project and I will be happy to provide my service again.
Great service. Quality services. You will receive everything you need to succeed. Be patient with communication because this seller may be in a different country. but she did WeChat scan QR code verification successfully for my wechat account resgistration. And it may be daytime for you but night time for her.
@ZOE happy to know your WeChat scan QR code verification works.
Wonderful work! Worth every dollar! Highly recommended! I’ll be back for more since I really loved my new wechat account. It was better than I ever expected from her specially for the price very affordable for her great quality wechat scan qr code sign up work. Looking forward to working with you more.
happy to hear that.
Hi, can you help with registering my WeChat?
I've tried one friend in Hong Kong, and 2 people in China with QR code. And still no luck.
I'm from the UK. But I honestly don't want to be spending over $40 NZ.
All I want contact is with 1 person. If it doesn't work out then I can always resort to other ways of contact.
Please let me know if you can help.

Donglong replied Moooyt

I can help you fix this wechat registration issue. just buy this order and submit my id: Donglong to this platform.
Amazing work and super fast delivery. Highly reccomended !
SHE was always there, she quickly responded to my messages even in the weekend, she helped me get what I wanted, thank you very much
Great Service, Will use again
very good job and delivers quickly. Thank you for my wechat registeration. I recommend
She did an outstanding job for this unblock wechat account. Very professional and asked great questions. Would definitely work with her again.
Seller was responsive. There were parts of this project that were challenging. I worked closely with the Seller to help my team to set up wechat official account. The Seller was receptive and optimistic. I do recommend that instructions are clear and confirmed in advance with the Seller. She will work with you. Do not assume that the Seller automatically understands every single detail unless you point it out clearly. I did this and it appears the Seller was very receptive to the suggestions. Overall, the project worked out well and I will work with this Seller again.

I bought your service already service already. now, what should i do next?
Please send your phone number and email address to me via the private message. and your phone system:ios or android? And the wechat id name.
I tried so many methods to sign up a wechat personal accounts. Finally, I got my final results that I want. And Donglong tell me so many skills how to use. like "Do not use the wifi and Vpn in the first 24 hours""Only use the 4g network","Do not have more click in the first 24 hours after I login my wechat".Well, yes, wechat is the most hardest chat app i ever register. Hope I will have some friends on my wechat. If you also want to sign up a wechat app account and save time, just choose Donglong. She is the best seller on this website!!!!
I cannot put it into words how well-pleased we are with Donglong's work! She has surpasses anything that we expected every time we order from her!!! Hope we can have more wechat marketing and wechat managers in China. We will be back again and again with other projects.
Another amazing experience with this talented seller. Pleasant and professional, the results are always spot on. Look forward to the next service. Thank you so much, Donglong. 5 star ++ . Thank you for the wechat verification. I will recommend my friends buy wechat account from you.
We so enjoy working with Donglong! We highly recommend her for her wechat help friend register services. We are already looking for more work to bring to her. She does with her does with excellence and with a passion. That's a winning combination! Best Chinese freelancer I ever met. good job, thanks!
Her Ideas are so clean I couldn't be more pleased, I was amazed at how quickly she completed each task and the communication was almost like we were working together in the same office. I'm happy this talented person was committed to the project and willing to go the extra mile! top of the line experience! If you have question of how to sign up a wechat account, just chat with her!
Responsive and helpful, Communicated quickly during the day. Helped me step by step with how to get through it. This order of "WeChat help friend sign up" really save me lots of time.
Very good seller and he delivered on time, and very helpful, reply to all questions, I will work with him again for sure. A++ Recommended. Hope you can do more "wechat help friend sign up" in 2021-2022.
The Best of the best, So fast, Professional, Attentive, Patient, and Accurate. He is just the best. I give 101 STAR!!!
This seller donglong won't let you down after you buy this order " wechat help friend sign up|$55 NZD= Help you scan the qr code to register a WeChat account+I can address your wechat issues in 24 hours."
Thank you bro it really worked!! You got a sub and a like from me. you will sell more orders of " $55 NZD= Help you scan the qr code to register a WeChat account+I can address your wechat issues in 24 hours"
This seller was very good. Quick and great content creation. I asked for 3 different WeChat company accounts. In 7 days, Donglong did a wonderful job for my wechat company page to access Chinese users, I really couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the final product. She's a very friendly woman and she makes sure you're satisfied with the result. I honestly couldn't believe what a great job she did! it's PERFECT! I'll definitely use her services again. Thank you so much Donglong!
It was great working with Donglong. She was very helpful with the start-up of my WeChat account social media. I would highly recommend her to my friends.

Donglong replied Freyja

Thanks for your kind reviews
Please I don't have a we chat account I want you to create one and verify it for me how can I contact you please.
Did you already place an order?
How I can buy your service ?

Donglong replied Nadine

just click that pay to this user button and follow this marketplace escrow service.
very fast WeChat verification service, Thank you! better than others, now I can add and chat with my Chinese friends on wechat.
Hi I need help with wechat verification service.
Hi I paid for the wechat verification service
I received a ticket from kiwikiwifly service team, they already refunded the money to your original paypal address.
I received a ticket from kiwikiwifly service team, they already refunded the money to your original paypal address.
I paid yesterday for wechat verification....no response to my request yet
Hello Donglong. I am waiting for the wechat verifcation service and need your help. I paid you yesterday and I messaged you my details today. Thank you.
I received a ticket which said your money was refunded.
Hello, do you still offer this service? or are you refunding people because you stopped?
I am from the USA do you have verification services for my country as well? Thank you.

Donglong replied ST67U

Yes, you can place an order, and then send your phone number via inbox message.
Hi Donglong! I need WeChat verification in the USA. Are you still providing this service? Thank you.
Hi My account is blocked and i have no one to verify. Can you help?
I highly recommend Donglong. She exceeded my expectations and got my Wechat account unrestricted fairly quick after it had been restricted for a year. I hired a few other peoples before finding her and I’m thankful I did! She got the job done! And get my friends' contacts back. I recommend her to everyone. She is very helpful and will answer all your questions.

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