China sourcing agent|3 easy ways to do product sourcing in China and find real factories on 1688.

 As a China sourcing agent, we can do product sourcing in China, check out our service videos. And you would learn 3 easy ways to do product sourcing in China and find real factories on 1688.

Video Subtitle And Tutorial with Images Step by Step:

Hi, Guys. This is Tyler. In this video, we will talk about How can we do product sourcing in China.
and why we need to buy from well we can save a lot of money and we can make more profit from
it. So a lot of users they asked that how we can buy items from 1688.Even is pretty much similar to well you can see here the whole website is in Chinese language. so there are a lot of questions. 
Like how can we find a product on it? How can we connect and communicate with the
suppliers on it? How can we do the payment if I want to buy directly from this website?
How can we do the inspection, dropshipping, collection and arrange the shipping?
okay today we're going to fix all the issues and give you the solutions of buying products from
And how to find the real manufacturers on it. let's sit down to the first part.
How can we find a product? Actually from 1688 website we can find a product by two ways.
The first one is by keyword searching okay you can search the keyword here
ok in the searching bar, type the keywords here and then just click the search button here.


And the second way is by picture sourcing okay. The picture sourcing icon is here.
So just click the picture sourcing icon. And upload the product picture from your local computer.

So what I need to do, what I will do is that I will take an example
to show you how to find a product here by these two ways.
okay, let’s try the fist way. Let’s try to find drone factories in China here.
but the thing is that as it is a Chinese language website.
We should translate the keyword drone into Chinese language.
What we will do now is that we will input drone here in Google Translate.

And we can translate it into Chinese okay, here is the translated result and then we will
just copy it and we go to 1688. And paste it into the searching bar.
ok, then, just click the orange search button.
you can see soon a lot of search results pop out,  but the issue is that all of these items are in Chinese language.

So now we have to use the Google Chrome or brave browser.
it enables you to translate the Chinese language into your
local language or your mother tongue language.
okay what you need to do now is just click here the google translate chrome
just click here, you can see here
and you can see here all the page language translated into English okay.
it takes a few seconds so now you can see all of them are in English now.

so you can check the items from one by one. okay so this is the first way
to search and find a product by using Google Translate and Google Chrome browser.
And the second way is by picture sourcing. so what do we need to do? We will go to
and we will search drone here  we will search drone and we will see if there are some items now, 
okay. so you can see here a lot of products and we will just choose one randomly. 
And we can see here, so we just click in this one. And and it's more
than 2000 sales. what do we need to do is that we click in. Click in this one ok  
it's more than 2000 sales, click again here and we will see the detailed pictures. okay here
in the picture and we just save the picture on our computer desktop.

and then we go back to 1688 and we will go picture sourcing
and we will upload the drone picture. okay.
Just take a few seconds, here are the results.

As you can see even though here you know some products are not too
related. because the item sourcing by picture is not very accurate, because 
the website program cannot understand. But there are still some real drone factories results.
Again, we can translate them into English so you can see what they are described. 

you can take time to try this kind of function and to use them to
find the product.  okay now I already introduced the two ways to find a product from
and there is still a third solution is that you can take advantage of your friends or you can hire a
China product sourcing agent here in China.  they can help you to find the
suppliers and real manufactures in China from 1688. but as I introduced the
2 ways. I think It will be very easy for you to find a product on 1688 by yourself.
okay so this is the first part on how we can find a product and the second part
is that how we can connect with the supplier and talk with the suppliers as you can see
we already found the suppliers here, we just go click in and to the seller’s store.


 Actually it will enable you to chat with the supplier by an application. we call it ALIWANGWANG.
But the point is that we need to download this application. In this tutorial. I do not have them.
I just ask the sellers to use the email or Wechat.
You can leave your WeChat id to this seller’s email address.

and you can find this supplier seller’s email here.
Because the sellers on 1688.  99% of them cannot speak any
English. So you have to use the WeChat app.
In China you know WeChat. it's a popular application in China.
just like the whatsapp in the US. so By using WeChat,
you will have more conveniences.
In the WeChat mobile app, you can translate the Chinese language into English.
And you can easily download and install it on your iPhone or android phone.
So let’s go to the next part. After you find the suppliers in China.
you want to buy the items. right? After you talk and confirm the
order with the suppliers. you have to pay them.  
so how to pay for the suppliers and buy items directly on 1688?
it'll be a little bit difficult because you're a foreigner right now and the
suppliers from 1688 they do not accept any foreign currency, they only
accept RMB and alipay. 

so that will make it difficult again but still I got two solutions for you. the first solution 
if you cannot pay the suppliers by yourself, you can simply by hiring an China agent here,  
they can pay for you okay this will be the first solution it will be very easy
and the second solution is that you can open a bank account
here in China but how to open a bank account in China? it will be also very
difficult for you, but you will find some ways to help you open a bank account in China, 
like the banks in Hong Kong, okay after you got a bank account in Hong Kong.

you can simply connect your WeChat account or Alipay account with your Hong Kong bank account.
then you can pay the suppliers by WeChat or Alipay, of course you can also pay the suppliers
by the online bank website or the bank application okay. But I strongly suggest that you have to use the
escrow service, If you do not use the escrow transaction services
You will lose your money in China.  So this will be the two solutions for your managing payments for
the suppliers let's come to the fourth part of the difficulties.  in the fourth
part it will have several issues like fulfillment of the products, inspecting
with the products, shipping of the products, actually this is not only the difficulties buying from 1688,
this will be the difficulties when you purchase products from China.  but still we got the solution for you.
The solution is that hire a China product sourcing agent! 

ok. it seems like hire a China agent or virtual assistant in China.  Having a friend here in China, 
it is the most convenient way to fix all of these issues. but I'm not here to advertise or say that
 I am the one you can choose to help you solve all these difficulties. but of course, I can help you 
from time to time. But hiring a China purchase agent or have a friend here
you can make your purchase more smooth and more conveniently.
If you have any issues on China souring and China dropshipping.
You can leave your comments below so I will try to fix them.
ok if you think this video is helpful give me a thumbs up and
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and you will see lots of videos about China. Thank you, bye. 

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Are you proficient in sourcing/ international trade?

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