full time jobs auckland | The East End Music Training Center has a full-time front desk

We are a local music training institution in New Zealand, with 16 years of experience, our studio is located in every district of Auckland, the current East End campus is the full-time front desk, must have office admin or management experience, we look forward to your joining. Insincere do not disturb, non-sincere do not disturb, disingenuous do not disturb.

Job requirements:

1. Fluent in both Chinese and English, able to reply to e-mails in English format correctly, and able to communicate with parents and teachers on the phone

2. Cheerful personality, honest and reliable, responsible, not late and not leave early.

3. A valid New Zealand work visa or permanent visa is required (please indicate in the CV that you will be able to work steadily for a long time).

4. Skilled use of Office software (Excel, Word)

5. Strong language skills, able to articulate clearly the need to express to parents or teachers related matters

6. Regularly communicate with the manager about important issues encountered in his work

7. Be careful and orderly in your work, arrange your working hours reasonably, have a certain understanding of what needs to be prioritized, and be able to do your work independently.

8. Treat children with patience, affinity, good communication skills for parents and actively deal with problems encountered by parents.

9. Take seriously the task assigned by the superior, deal with the work ordered by the superior in a timely manner, have the ability to work independently, and be able to actively find and solve problems from the work.

Interested parties please attach CV to the [email protected], we will be within one week of receiving the mail to screen the right candidates, telephone interview arrangements. Please use English for telephone consultation. No text messages
Pay Tips 07-12-20


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