Sydney delivery company | a total of 30 vehicles, more than 60 employees.

The predecessor of the home platform, in the form of four branches, was established in 2014, with a capital injection of 1 million Australian dollars, a total of 30 vehicles, more than 60 employees.

In the second half of 2018, in order to meet the needs of more and more customers for one-stop service, the company began to fully integrate the four branches

And successfully obtained 2 million for hardware acquisition, IT technical support, and software upgrades.

The purpose of the company for the vast number of users to create the first set of moving speed transport, home cleaning, storage and pick-up and delivery of four services as one of the online and offline one-stop life service booking platforms.

Let Chinese and international students in Australia enjoy a professional one-stop service! Solve the problem of finding a standard company difficult, find satisfactory service difficult!

120,000 Sydney Chinese preferred you satisfied, and then pay!

Home Customer Service Hotline: 0477747777
Pay Tips 26-12-20


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