Furniture pickup and delivery Sydney | XingXing delivery- Factory goods transport outsourcing services.

Scope of business: 

1. Long-distance move (one room, two rooms, three rooms can be)

2. IKEA picks up the goods and disassembles the furniture.

3. Factory goods transport outsourcing services.

4. Various commercial handling.

5. Students move

6. Recycle second-hand furniture appliances

7. Deal with garbage

Professional check-out cleaning, home cleaning services

The family is relatively clean fit

The first rent-back cleaning service that can be billed by the hour

You can monitor the entire process

Professional rental team to give you the best price

The best service

Intermediary If you have any questions we rework for free

We can also give you an estimate of the price

Please contact us by phone or WeChat

Contact: 0438951229

Contact WeChat: denghaoaixixi

We uphold the integrity, security, service first concept

To bring you the warmest and most efficient service

Thank you for your support and trust
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