China sourcing agent|$5 = Basic Sourcing of Product listing 3 Manufacturers of the product required | 5 Days Delivery

Product Sourcing / China Sourcing Agent
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Note: My Services are more suitable for people who wants to Import in Bulk from China.

 Product Sourcing 
Providing Sourcing File ( List of Suppliers or Manufacturers)
Connecting you to a Professional third Party who can handle your orders/ follow up your production , Provide Quality Inspection and Shipping all at once with full support.
Providing you a single Invoice for a product.
Product Research

Which platforms do you use for Sourcing?

We source Suppliers / Products over Alibaba, 1688, Wechat suppliers groups and we also contact directly to factories for the better rate. We work on ground level to get best product in target price.
Do you provide Supplier's details?

Yes, we will connect you directly with the supplier.
Do you verify suppliers?

Yes, we do verify each suppliers with many ways. First we verify its registration and location in the local government office under whose jurisdiction it falls. Then we ask the factory for their factory inspection reports, check its Value Added Tax invoice, ask for product samples.
What other services do you provide?

We provide almost all services from supplier sourcing to product shipment (Product sourcing, price negotiation, sample testing, factory audit, final product inspection, product photography and logistics). We have professionals for each service.
Can you get a cheaper price?

Generally yes, you should not receive a price cheaper than I do.
Any referral fees or kickbacks from the factories?

No! Honesty is the basic morality and principle we have. Always prefer transparent sourcing and negotiations, I insist on long-term cooperation and mutual loyalty from all parties.

I  am an expert in finding suitable solutions with better price advantage and reliability of the suppliers or manufacturers.
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