buy items from Chinese store that Accepts bitcoin | $10 = collect 1-3 samples from 1-3 suppliers

Most suppliers on Alibaba/MIC/Amazon/AliExpress/Ebay/Wish purchase products from 1688(Alibaba China Version) and take them to Alibaba/MIC/Amazon/AliExpress/Ebay/Wish for sale.
I will collect samples from 1688, taobao, be your china sourcing agent, shipping agent, before placing an order please contact me for product specification details. We only charge a 10% service fee for buying products on 1688 with bitcoin, we support this marketplace escrow services.  For example, if the price of one product is 100$ on 1688 or taobao, you don't need to buy it using Alipay, you can send us $110 on this marketplace using PayPal or bitcoin. Then we will buy it and send it to your country via ups or some delivery companies. After you receive the products, you can release the money to us.

So, if you buy products from 1688/taobao directly will give you a bigger advantage in local market according to much lower prices.

As a purchasing manager, I can do following things for you:

1)Do market research and products research, Compare products prices and qulity on alibaba(China Version) 1688,taobao;

2)Collect sampes from different suppliers,show you with pictures and videos of the samples;

3)Figure out the suitable products with proper price and proper quality for you;

4)Packet the samples together, then ship the samples to you as you need;

5)I had worked in both B2B&B2C companies for 4 years, I know how to find the good products with cheaper price and I know lots of reliable logistics agents. So I can help you for sourcing products and ship them from China

Please contact me for your details first before you place order
Pay Tips 17-05-21


First of all, kensourcing was amazing. She was able to find companies that are able to assist me in bottle packaging. She was on time with communication, willing to assist, and perfect on flexibility. I don't have the alipay on taobao, but she helped me fixed this issue. If I need anything in China again, I will definitely reach out to her!
thank you kensourcing for the job, you went that extra mile for me and that is highly appreciated. i highly recommend kensourcing as a sourcing agent in China.
It was a pleasure to wotk with kensourcing. She is very professional and easy to communicate with. She delivered his in-depth results very fast and gave me detailed information. I searched a lot to find a Chinese sourcing agent who can accept the bitcoin escrow. I cannot use the alipay and get wechat verified to chat with Chinese suppliers. But kensourcing really helped me and found suitable factories for my business. Thanks a lot.
thanks for choosing us.
Alipay doesn't work for foreigners. Just use the bitcoin escrow is fine.

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