China Sourcing Agent Company | 5% service charge = I will be your product sourcing agent in china

Why me?

. Based in China

·    All services at One-stop
·    Experience in product sourcing & Unique selling proposition
·    Sourcing platforms I use are Alibaba, 1688, Taobao, Pinduoduo, and direct from factories as I am residing in China,
·    Best quality with affordable prices comparative to the market.
·    Good communication history with a lot of Chinese suppliers
·     24/7 support.

My jobs:

·    Sourcing supplier/ manufacturer.
·    Do negotiations on your behalf.
·    Supplier/manufacturer verification & Comparison.
·    Complete Excel file report
·    Prices for logo and packaging.
·    take DDP, EXW, FOB prices
·    Find suppliers with less Lead time
·    Sample collection and Dispatch
·    Sample Testing
·    QC Inspection
·    Product Photography

NOTE: Contact me before order...
 Order 1# You will get 10 Suppliers List, This list verified through website and finalize according to your product. there is no target price detail and Products description detail information.

Order #2 You will get 5 supplier list, this is with price list from suppliers according to your product and shipment detail.

Order #3 You will get 1 supplier with your target price or near your target price and I will negotiate with as many as supplier to get the target price according to your need. And help you to manage the order and shipment as your assistance.

Note: Please confirm the supplier type that you are looking for as:

Drop shipping

If you have customize request, You can contact me and we will discuss
Pay Tips 24-05-21


You have ensured that I can purchase a retail product at 3 times lower MOQ than the factory requirement. This allows me to start purchasing a product where this sourcing agent has also found the right manufacturer, partly due to his perseverance, knowledge, and broad network, who is the No. 1 of the product in question. This product was very rare with my requirements and could not be found on Alibaba. Fortunately, we find this virtual assistant in China, a must for all. Nice to work with you, I will certainly do this with you more often in the future.
It is just incredible how professional and friendly is this sourcing agent in her job, she supports me on the whole process of my project giving me the best prices and advising me every moment. Of course, I will recommend you to work with him if you are planning to find a supplier who accepts cryptocurrencies or you need any help in terms of sourcing without alipay or wechat account. In my case, I'm sure that I will repeat with her!
She was very good and delivered exactly what I needed. I believe she went above and beyond and worked very quickly knowing the concept and understanding the challenge I was approaching. Great communication and delivered excellent pricing and service for what I needed. Find a China sourcing agent who accepts bitcoin is hard, especially since this sourcing agent accepts bitcoin and also accepts the platform escrow.
You are wonderful! She communicates promptly and helped with all of my sourcing needs. She has done an extraordinary job by providing products to my exact need. She helped buy the DIY homemade products on taobao. I would be looking forward to working with her again in near future. Very interesting person to work with Thank you for your sourcing services on taobao.
I don't know why most sellers and stores use the alipay but the taobao forbade the foreigners using the alipay. So I have to find a taobao agent who can accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Highly recommended, been able to find a very specific product, fast, resourceful, amazing communication, defiantly will work with her again. Thanks a lot.
This sourcing agent really knows how to do her job, I am very impressed with her work as always. She does his work with dedication and commitment. Great experience as always.
Thanks Rik, it was a pleasure working with you, looking forward to future projects =)
thank you for the wonderful comment, it goes a long way! I look forward to getting more new products made for you in the future
Thanks for the kind words my friend, it was an absolute pleasure working with you, and I'm definitely looking forward to getting this project up and running! No worries about the Alipay. We can use the bitcoin escrow on this platform to help your purchase in the future.
Thank you mate, I appreciate the kind words. It has been a great experience working with you, and I hope to continue working with you in the upcoming future.
Thank you wajdisaad, I really appreciate your kind words and the tip :), it was my pleasure working with you and I'm looking forward to helping you launch this product.

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