Apply for a part time job-no salary requirement

My name is Shi Jingyang, I have 10 years working experiments in China. My major is public health. As an AUT student this year, I have finished my postgraduate at AUT and reached the diploma level. And now I applied for the master degree of AUT. Therefore, I am trying to apply to work part-time. I have no salary requirements. And I can start with the volunteer role. I will sent you my resume and some relative materials if possible, could you give me an interview opportunity. 
Email address: [email protected]
Tel: 0223589580 (message preference)
Thanks so much. 
Pay Tips 07-07-21


Hello Shi Jingyang,

I have some questions for you.
- Are you only looking for a part time job at a company? Are you open to work for individuals?
- Are you only looking for a public health job?
- What's your targeted salary if I can offer a paid position?
- How many hours are you available a week?
- Are you currently located in China or NZ?
- How long are you available for a part-time work?
- What's your English level?


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