Financial Analysis Manager

薪资待遇:每年148789 - 203096澳元     140,000-200,000 AUD per year
Job requirements and responsibilities:
1. The financial planning and analysis director leads the budget, forecast, long-term planning, implementation and business strategy analysis of the financial team.

2. Perform financial analysis, modeling, forecasting and reporting to ensure effective financial operations.

3. As a director of financial planning and analysis, review analysis results, make insightful suggestions for investment, procurement, and cost reduction, and lead strategic business decisions.

4. A bachelor's degree is required. In addition, the director of financial planning and analysis usually reports to the top management or CFO.

4. The director of financial planning and analysis manages departmental sub-functions in a broader departmental function.

5. Develop functional strategies and specific goals for sub-functions, and formulate budgets/policies/procedures to support the functional infrastructure.

6. In-depth understanding of the sub-functions under management and a solid understanding of the functions of the entire department.

7. To become the director of financial planning and analysis, more than 3 years of management experience is required.
Pay Tips 19-07-21


There are many companies that only give you soup, but very few companies are willing to let you eat meat together. Join us, we don't play the fake big sky, don't play the deep routines in the city.

5. Share dividends, allowing you to work for yourself

6. As long as you come to work hard, the salary will easily be tens of thousands

7. The same job, our company has high salaries, good benefits, nice colleagues, nice development prospects, and great prospects, can it be the same?

8. There is a rumor that "some people are glamorous on the surface, but they can't even eat cherries behind their backs." Here not only allows you to realize the freedom of cherries, but also lets you realize the freedom of Starbucks.

10. Monthly awards, quarterly awards, and year-end awards, receive soft hands; team domestic and foreign tours, non-stop swimming; the same work, different happiness.

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