Virtual Assistant

I have 3 vacancies

(1) VA for Model Management Company (2) Chat Operator For Dating website (3) Fashion Model

(1) VA :- Its a Model Management Company . Roles include : (1) Email Management (2) Calender Management (3) Travel Desk Management (4) Social Medi Management (5) Office Management   Rate 10$

(2) Chat Operator :- Audio and Video Chat for a Dating Website Rate : Audio 15$ , Video 30$

(3) Fashion modelling , its a new fashion brand which is coming up with High quality fashion modern dresses at dirt cheap price . the dresses would be send to the model in set of 25 , She has to take the PIC and mail it back . the Dresses are the property of model. Rates are 100$ per PIC. Face Not Required in Dressed , Rate 100$
Please reply to [email protected] or add me in skype at live:.cid.a4fdc749ff7cada9
Pay Tips 15-08-21


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