Need a finance director

1. Senior management positions, assisting decision-makers in formulating corporate development strategies, responsible for short-term and long-term corporate decisions and strategies in their functional areas, and having an important impact on the achievement of the company's medium and long-term goals;  
2. Responsible for the company's financial business and strategy, including accounting management, financial planning, financial procedures, internal audit, property, cost control and investment research and analysis;  
3. Responsible for the company's financial management and internal control, complete the annual financial budget according to the company's business development plan, and track its implementation;  
4. Formulate, manage and implement the company's economic and financial standards and procedures to meet the requirements of risk control;  
5. Analyze and improve the existing process to continuously improve the utilization rate of funds and work efficiency.  
Job specification  
1, Major in finance or accounting, bachelor degree or above,5 years of financial working experience, 3 years of financial management experience;  
2. Familiar with relevant fiscal and tax policies and regulations and have excellent financial management experience;  
3, good professional ethics, strong professional spirit and sense of responsibility, integrity, credibility, stable;  
4. Good analysis and judgment ability, with certain industry research ability, keen insight and strong risk control ability;  
Pay Tips 26-09-21


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