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Terms and conditions
whatsapp +57 3115804313 read my terms
whatsapp +57 3115804313 i have more usdt write me

to trade with me you only need to have a ( debit card credit card, payd, bank transfer ) and send the money with wise,  the money arrived in 4 - 5 hours i release  check   wise is a good option

I do not accept balance by wise

i pay the fee

I also accept shipments by worldremit, ria money transfer, remitly

I can provide 5k-20k per day

the process is very simple with these applications the money arrives in seconds since they are applications to send money regulated worldwide
 the shipment is 100% safe and real if you have doubts try a send
small amounts are very fast that the money arrives good day

i send  details  only for chat binance 

the steps to send are

1 open tranferwise

2 write the amount

3 pay with your debit or bank card payd or bank

4 write the details that I send you to the chat

5 send the money

6 the money arrive i release
Pay Tips 16-12-21


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