BASF Zhanjiang Verbund Site "Bloom" Graduate Program

BASF Zhanjiang Verbund Site "Bloom" Graduate Program is designed to build up our talent pool. We select, train and develop fresh graduates with potential and enthusiasm, to work with us and build up the third largest BASF Verbund site in the world:BASF Zhanjiang Verbund Site.

Here, every young graduate will be able to improve their business knowledge and technical skills through a professional training programs as well as guidance and sharing from experienced mentors. We offer opportunities for every graduate to explore their technical expertise and unique ideas; to witness and promote the implementation of the concept of smart and sustainable production together. 

We welcome you to join BASF Zhanjiang Verbund Site "Bloom" Graduate Program, in the southernmost coastal city of mainland China. Let's witness the future of the Digital Verbund and together write a new chapter for BASF.About BASF Zhanjiang Verbund Site

About BASF Zhanjiang Verbund site (under construction)

BASF is currently building a new Verbund site in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province. Announced in July 2018 and officially commenced in November 2019, the project would be BASF’s largest investment with up to €10 billion by 2030 and would be operated under the sole responsibility of BASF. The site would ultimately be the third-largest BASF site worldwide, following Ludwigshafen, Germany, and Antwerp, Belgium.

The new smart Verbund site will include a steam cracker with a capacity of 1 million metric tons of ethylene per year and downstream plants for consumer-oriented products. By utilizing the latest digital technologies and applying the highest safety standards, the site will be built into a role model for smart manufacturing and sustainable production.

BASF Zhanjiang Verbund site will be built in phases. The first plant producing engineering plastics has been put into inauguration in September 2022. The next start-up is planned for 2023 covering a plant producing thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) to serve the increasing needs of various growth industries in southern China and throughout Asia. The whole Verbund site is planned to be completed by 2030.

What We Will Achieve Here:

Cultivation and Setting the Stage: enrich on-the-job business knowledge learning and practice, and comprehensively improve business knowledge and professional skills

Growth Opportunities: various opportunities for large-scale project participation |interactions with international colleagues and customers

Expert Guidance: professional training programs, guidance and sharing from experienced mentors

Exclusive Working Partner in Zhanjiang: overcome difficulties with the company of your exclusive working partner as soon as you join the company 

Competitive Salary |Diversified Benefits | Rich Team Building Activities| High Quality Talent Training

Phased Exclusive Training Camp: accurately implemented technical training to help new joiners rapidly grow into “super fighters” in their professional field

Campus Talk Itinerary:

This year, we will recruit through the combination of online and offline career talk sessions.

Career Talk of BASF Zhanjiang Verbund Site “Bloom" Graduate Program: 9/29 19:30 

Offline career talk sessions will be here soon. For details, please follow Wechat Official Account [BASF Recruitment]. 
About Recruitment

1. On-campus Recruitment Target:

2022 and 2023 Fresh undergraduates and postgraduates, domestic and abroad

2. Recruitment Fields: 

Production and Operation, Infrastructure and Utilities, Engineering Maintenance and Technical Services

Environmental Safety and Health, Finance and Control, Communication and public relations, Supply Chain and Logistics, Information Technology and Digitalization

We welcome young talents from chemical machinery and equipment, process equipment and control engineering, machinery design, manufacturing and automation, power system and automation, instrument and electricity, automation, chemical engineering process, applied chemistry, polymer materials, thermal energy and power engineering, oil and gas storage and transportation, environmental health and safety, logistics, supply chain, computer, finance, news communication, English and other related majors to join us, Jointly create new chemical functions.

3. Location: Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province

4. On-campus Recruitment Process:

Online Application → AI Evaluation → First Round Interview→ Second Round Interview→ Offer Released

How to Submit Resume:

1. Online Application Link:

PC: ... 00102

Mobile: ... 00102
Pay Tips 25-09-22


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