how to verify wechat without friend | Need help verifying

how to verify wechat without friend 
Need help verifying
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Donglong - Hello, my name is Donglong, I can fix your wechat scan qr code verification in 24 hours. And be your friend with your wechat re

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Hello, my name is Donglong, $55 NZD = I can scan your WeChat QR code in 24 hours. 100% working.

I am very professional in this field, I helped a lot of people from the United States, Canada, Morocco, Japan, and so on, many of them become friends with me, I am a positive and friendly person. I will be patient for you to solve your wechat sign up problems, we will become friends, thank you very much for your support! just buy my service from here via this marketplace escrow and pay to me by clicking that red button "pay to this seller", after you place an order, please give me Infos as follows: your real phone number(not a virtual phone number) + your email address + your phone system(android or ios?) + your WeChat id name

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I can share a Wechat group where we can help each other out as foreigners for Wechat scan qr code sign up problems. A lot of us are getting issues with Wechat account verification, and it is almost impossible to sign up for a Wechat account unless you have friends who already have WeChat accounts. You can join this wechat account Discord group, so that, we can help each other to get our account unblocked and verified. Or, you can make lots of wechat friends and sell your services on wechat account. Over 1k+ users verified their wechat accounts in this group. 
Wechat account verification discord groups|The #1 wechat account users group for foreigners.

cloudcoderTyler - programming for love

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Check this video tutorial about how to sign up WeChat account in 2021 ( 7 new methods)


Start: 0:00

try to find a Chinese restaurant to get WeChat verification help: 0:02

buy WeChat QR code verification on kiwikiwifly freelancer marketplace: 0:04

buy WeChat registration help in 2021 services on Taobao: 0:08

try to use PayPal to verify your WeChat QR code: 0:12

find a Chinese employee for your WeChat registration verification: 0:16

submit a ticket to the WeChat team to scan your WeChat QR code: 0:20

watch youtube tutorials to activate your WeChat account: 0:30

find a freelancer to scan your wechat QR code: 0:50

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