Native Chinese Speakers Part Time Work At Home - Need be Chinese Citizen

ONLINE POSITION: Teaching Top Quality Online Classes at our Chinese Language Training Center. Multi-skilled candidates with can do attitude who like to make a part time earning.

We are open to proposals from any native Chinese speakers with or without prior professional experience, it is also good if you are familiar with the HSK syllabus.
We expect kind, respectful, reliable, and high-quality candidates.
Need Chinese Speaker Of Chinese Mandarin

The ideal candidate will be comfortable in creating and sharing a teaching/coaching video demo for the interview and to be published on ad/website later. Must be precise and punctual. Must read and answer texts and emails as soon as possible from our end. 

The ideal candidate will understand the concept of time zone difference and work with it daily and comfortably. Must help promote CLTC Institute, apply its principles/values, and support the marketing & effort to support local community to gain language skill.

Our center operated on all 7 days on selected hours best if candidate can send free times they have available plan it out in consideration of Sri Lanka time zone meaning classes will usually commence from 7am In the morning onwards till 11pm in the night. Meaning you can send us which time slots you are free during the above range of time in Sri Lankan time.

Example of above idea;
Person who like to be part time teacher send free times as follows;
Monday I am free in following time slots= 7am to 9am, 11am to 1pm, 5-7pm, 9-11pm
Tuesday I am free in following time slots= 9am to 11am, 5-7pm, 7-9pm
etc like above good if you can send your free times. Please note that Sri Lanka time is referred in above list and Beijing time is usually 2hr & 30mins ahead of Sri Lanka time. Which means 7am is like 9:30am in China.

COVID-19 considerations:
This position is 100% online during and after Covid-19 and it is meant for long term commitment.

Candidate will be sent a freelance contract to sign ensuring safety of your earnings & work done.

Mode of teaching;
We will be using google meet platform so you will need to face small Interview/Training session on google meet to get familiar with it if you haven't used before. VPN maybe needed to access it. So hope your connection is stable and can stream without lagging too much.
Tutes will be provided for your reference & teaching the classes and a quick demo lesson will have to be done to us so we can understand your skill and help guide if any changes need to be done.

Will be sent weekly by alipay or wechat pay.
Average pay is 17元 per 2 hour class conducted. Pay will increase on experience, qualification's & duration of working with us the more senior you become and the more classes you do the more you earn.

Awaiting your proposals:)
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Is this teaching Chinese online?

Jacob - 90s,Clinical Reserch,BD

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I`m really confused by the unit price, it is ridiculous.

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