Human Resources and Administration Officer.If you are intersted in this job,please leave a message

1. Responsible for employee attendance record preparation and insurance payment;
2. Implementation of employee onboarding, termination, promotion, and transfer procedures and related procedures;
3. Signing of employee labor contracts, management of employee files, and issuance of various certificates;
4. Proactively expand recruitment channels and complete recruitment tasks according to company requirements;
5. Organize employee training, implement and follow up on all related work;
6. Regularly issue all kinds of human resources reports (monthly reports, weekly reports and other forms)
7. Daily administrative and personnel affairs in the factory, and responsible for the translation work of the factory director.
1. Bachelor's degree or above, with 2 years of relevant human resources work experience;
2. Familiar with local customs and employment policies;
3. Positive, diligent and strong sense of responsibility;
4. Strong communication, organization, coordination, planning and execution skills;
5. Fluent in English and Chinese, proficient in using Office office software.
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Hi, I’m interested on this job. May I know where is locate at ? Cheers

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