Can code bootcamp grads easily find jobs? How can I found my job after Hack Reactor?

I am cs student in Auckland,and I find it's really tough to get understand the programme.Is it necessary to find a experienced developer  to  teach me?
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Thanks for sharing your experience. I went to Dev bootcamp back in 2014 and it was the best decision I ever made. People still looking for jobs: be persistent, keep leveling up your skills keep going to job interviews use your failings to expose holes in your knowledge then study up on them. If you do all this you will definitely get a job 100%.
But, you are too early.Classmates are best friends and also the best teachers.

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I'm a boot camp grad. I graduated around the same time as this guy, but from a 6 months AUT  organized boot camp, and have been working for about 11 months in the Auckland. Currently being paid above the range he quoted. A lot of my cohort has struggled to find work and that is certainly because they are so damn fresh to development, and many of them just did not put in enough hard work. A lot of them ended up dropping off the hill once the AUT ended where those that did not eventually landed a new job. For some, it took as long as 6 months. I was able to find my job because I basically quit working and coded a metric fuck-ton. I would expand on assignments and program something on a daily basis. 
The reason why hiring has slowed so much for AUT candidates is that over the last few years companies have grown weary of the AUT outcome. Many AUT people simply are not ready to improvise on the job and deliver great software, and some even quit shortly after being hired. The reality of the industry is that over time the luster of a AUT has really dropped, and they have saturated the market with frankly beginner programmers. 
Fundamentally a company is concerned with getting the work done, and AUT grads have this narrow field of tech that they know up to a beginner to intermediate level. This can be effective for some companies but hit a complete wall for others. That is an expensive prospect when you are paying a six-figure salary and cant deliver a product. 
There are many strategies for improving your odds if you come from a cs background. The first is to Always Be Coding. Keep working on personal projects and other programming practice as this is the thing that will drive you to become a better and better programmer always. 
The second, just as the video above suggests, is to look for a job outside of the Auckland. In the Christchurch Area, the demand is higher, but the supply of ready candidates is also superior. Unless you have the guts to go up against CS grads, you should try another strategy. 
Also, go to meetups and get recommendations to companies that way.


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I was in some what the same boat. I wanted to go to a coding bootcamp but I decided against it because of the money. After I felt I was ready, I started applying to jobs and got nowhere. So I started asking friends and family then luckily I found little jobs here and there. At least it was building up my resume. Network and find someone better than you and shared the profits of the job with them. Do the parts of the project that you can do then sub out the rest to a person who's better than you. Or have that person set up some type of outline of work, work that they think you can get done. Little by little you work on more websites and gain more experience. It's survival of the fittest and you have to roll with the punches.

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