How to find best product sourcing company in china?

I am jenifer david from china. My actually my question is how to find best Products sourcing company in china/
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I think this is a question with ads, but any way, I can tell you 3 easy ways to do product sourcing from China online.

1. You can find your real manufacturers on 1688, not taobao, not alibaba, not aliexpress. Remember the best way to source products from china is 1688. Just google it.

2. You can go to kiwikiwifly, seoclerks, peopleperhour. you will find lots of freelancers from china offer products sourcing services online. You can buy their services with these platform escrow. It is secure for your online transaction and save you lots of time. And you must find a china agent to buy these items from china, because credit card are not secure, most suppliers from china always use T/T, alipay escrow transaction.
3. Go to yiwu, guangzhou. There are so many wholesale markets. you can find the factory stores one by one. But this way is really expensive and not convenient.


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