How do I sign up on WeChat with QR scanning?

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You can follow this "wechat help friend register" image tutorial to help your friend. If you need wechat verification service, PM



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What you need to verify your WeChat Account

You need a second person to activate your WeChat Account. The person needs to meet the following requirements:

Account age has to be longer than 6 months ago
Has not verified anyone within the last month
Has not done more than 2 verifications within the last 6 months
Has not done more than 3 verifications within the last year
The account is from the same country/region
The account cannot be blocked

I have some Chinese friends, As they said. It is really tough to create a Wechat account now. Especially in 2020. But, I can ask you some questions. I think you will get best solutions of signing up a Wechat account.
#1. can you find a Chinese restaurant near you? You can ask their owners to do this job for you. Of course, you need buy some Chinese food first.when you eat your food, ask them to fix this issue for you.Sounds funny. But it could works. In fact. 99% Chinese restaurant owners have the Wechat. Because they don’t want to pay the tax for the U.S. and EU government. If you use the Wechat pay the bills, then, the restaurant owner can get money in his another bank card. This is the Chinese secret among Chinese in U.S.we all know that.
#2. Can you find some escrow marketplace? I know the peopleperhour and kiwikiwifly,etc. why not search Wechat account in these two websites. It will save you lots of time. Many freelancers can do this job I think. And I think they are happy to help you address this issue.
#3. Do you know Chinese language, do you know a website taobao, it is so famous in China, not understand of Chinese ? Can you use the google translate extension.
#4. can you use the PayPal function? 14 days delay transaction , find a Chinese and buy it by PayPal .
#5. can you post a job on a job seeking website? Just try to hire someone, and leave your contacts.
#6. Submit a ticket to Wechat team, but it will take around 4 days to get their response. And I never find they have service phone.
#7. There are some youtube video tutorials, but only a few of tutorial work.

cloudcoderTyler - programming for love

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Hi, I am Tyler, I can fix your wechat account sign up issue. just buy my service from here, and pay to me by clicking that red button "pay to this seller", and give me infos as follows: you real phone number(not a virtual phone number) + your email address + your phone system(android or ios?) + your wechat id name. 


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I can share some freelancer store, you can buy cheap wechat accounts from them.
 #1 Mikke is your virtual assistant in china

store and profile link: ... china

#2 virtual assistant in China

store and profile link: ... China

Other 5 methods and places you can get WeChat verification services:

#3 Chinese restaurant
#4 Taobao marketplace
#5 youtube videos
#6 post a job for wechat sign up
#7 go to the WeChat help center

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How bro

Sysy - I make, sell and scan Wechat For more inquiries contact me on telegram Username:@beu_hadid

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I make, sell and scan Wechat


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Hello My Name is MD RAKIBUL ISLAM. i'm from Bangladesh. I study in China University of Mining and technology. I can help you open wechat account or help you scan the qr code at a very cheaper price.


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Hello, I'm Beu I can fix your wechat registration verification in just 1 to 2hours. I have 2 method to fix your Wechat Registration. I am very professional in this field. Contact me


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