wechat account | I need someone to verify my wechat account

I need someone to verify my wechat account and I am willing to pay thru Cashapp or PayPal. PM me if you’re able to do this thanks! EDIT: I have been verified
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I can ask you some questions. I think you will get solutions of verifying or scanning your wechat qr code.
1. can you find a Chinese restaurant near you? You can ask their owners to do this job for you. Of course, you need buy some Chinese food first.when you eat your food, ask them to fix this issue for you.
2. can you find some freelancer platform? I know the peopleperhour and kiwikiwifly,etc. why not search Wechat in these two website. It will save you lots of time. Many freelancers can do this job I think. And I think they are happy to help you address this issue.
3. Do you know Chinese language, do you know a website taobao, it is so famous in China, not understand of Chinese ? Can you use the google translate extension.
4. can you use the PayPal function? 14 days delay transaction , find a Chinese and buy it by PayPal .
5. can you post a job on a job seeking website? Just try to hire someone, and leave your contacts.
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Stay away from Chinese-based apps. The Chinese Communist Party harvests personal information through their apps. Look at TikTok being banned in the U.S. That ban was only avoided by Oracle and Wal Mart buying it out and moving it to Texas.


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I don’t use We Chat but I researched many instructions you can try: Step 1. Go to WeChat admin backend, go to account setting on the left side menu. Click on the blue button next to WeChat verification. Click on the green button to start the verification process.

Here’s another to try: To verify WeChat account without friends, Download the mobile app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. If you click Sign-Up, it will ask you to enter your phone number. Once you enter your mobile phone number, you will receive a verification code on your phone. Enter the code and submit.

If you give up and want to delete your account, try this one: To delete WeChat account: Log in to WeChat. Select Me and then select Settings. Navigate to Account. Select Delete Account and then tap Next. Follow WeChat's instructions and enter your password to delete your account.

Donglong - Hello, my name is Donglong, I can fix your wechat scan qr code verification in 24 hours. And be your friend with your wechat re

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Hello, my name is Donglong, I can fix your wechat registration verification issue in  24 hours. And be your friend with your wechat registration and wechat account set up.

 I am very professional in this field, I help a lot of people from the United States, Canada, Morocco, Japan, and so on, every region, help them get access to WeChat use or remove restrictions, many of them become friends with me, I am a positive and friendly person. I will be patient for you to solve your problems, we will become friends, thank you very much for your support!

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