Need help wechat bar code scan

Need help with wechat bar code scan
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Hi, I am Tyler, I have been a freelancer for 5+ years. I helped 780+ users and offered "verify WeChat account" services, "Wechat verification" is my part-time job. No matter you want to buy or sell a WeChat account, just chat with me.
just place this order, after you buy my service, please give me Infos as follows: you real phone number(not a virtual phone number) + your email address + your phone system(android or ios?) + your WeChat id name.

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Step 1. Change your AppStore from us to other countries, like uk, Australia, Japan, etc.

Step 2. Download the WeChat app from the official website

Step 3. Try sign up with Facebook first.

Step 4. Follow these methods , and try it one by one.

1. Can you find a Chinese restaurant near you? You can ask their owners to do this job for you. Of course, you need buy some Chinese food first.when you eat your food, ask them to fix this issue for you. Sounds funny but 90% works.

2. Can you find some online marketplace platform? I know the eBay and kiwikiwifly marketplace, etc. why not search Wechat account keywords or buy Wechat account in these two websites. It will save you lots of time. Many freelancers can do this job I think. And they are happy to help you address this issue. After they helped you, you can give them around $20 tips or buy a coffee.

3. Do you know Chinese language, do you know a website taobao, it is so famous in China, not understand of Chinese ? Can you use the google translate extension.

4. Can you use the PayPal function? 14 days transaction protection, find a Chinese and buy it by PayPal .

5. Can you post a job on a job seeking website? Just try to hire someone, and leave your contacts.

6. Can you see some YouTube video tutorials. But only a few tutorials works, most of them waste time.

7. You can submit a ticket to Wechat official team, and add your issue. Just google Wechat help center

8. Some sellers on the YouTube offer the services of Wechat security verification. But you have to use the marketplace escrow payment to secure your transaction

9. You can also use the wechat official account instead of WeChat , it is the same app but using for daily work, developed by the same Tencent team. Buy you need to get your business number verified first.

ok, I think you know what I mean. Now, why not give me a thumb up?


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To make a WeChat account, you do not need friends nearby. Just open the app and click sign up. Insert the requested information!
If your friend is not around, you can send the wechat QR code generated during registration to your friends in other ways. Please note that the wechat QR code is only valid for five minutes, so you should get in touch with your friends as soon as possible. Or agree with your friends in advance to create a WeChat account to avoid expiration of the QR code.




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I can do it for you for $8


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How do I sign up for WeChat if I don't have friends near by?

You will get a wechat QR code which an established account holder can scan and verify.

You can do a screenshot of the wechat qr code and send it by any electronic means you share with an account holder willing to verify you. They can scan it and verify your identity.

Note these wechat QR codes expire in minutes. You can’t send to someone who’ll “get to it later”. They pretty much need to be standing by to receive it and act.

P.S. No, I don’t verify people.


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Just give up. I have spent hours with colleagues in China trying to sign me up and authorise me. I’m in the NZ and the sign up process just sends you round in circles to endless dead ends. It’s just BS, imho.

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