Affiliate Program

Why partner with

01. Every Creator is Welcome
We welcome all YouTube creators, who belive that internet is a basic human right and want to help their audience create a strong and sustainable online presence.

02. We Value Your Partnership
You can count on us – we work with each and every one of our partners personally. Your success is our success!

03. Never Work Alone
Once signed up, all partners receive a dedicated account manager that helps with all questions or issues. We have your back every step of the way.

04. A Cutting-Edge Service
We focus on high performance, and offer real speed, for any project. Our service is powerful, yet super easy to use. Users simply love it!

Requirements and what you will do:

✓ Record product review videos and item videos on YouTube, tiktok, Dailymotion, etc.
✓ Go to offline stores, warehouses, office or factories, record videos with our local merchants and business owners.
✓ Record videos about your skills, your services, your products, or other stuff.
✓ Others

What you will get:

✓ Setup and own a 100% free online store with an escrow payment feature.
✓ You can integrate and embed items or service videos from YouTube into your online store.
✓ You can sell your services and items on your online store.
✓ You can copy your item links and your store link, paste them to your YouTube page. Buyers and followers can buy your items and services directly on Youtube!
✓ You can get free technical support from the  developer team.
✓ You can get trust from online buyers by escrow payment features.
✓ Reasonable salary or commission.

Leave a message to us and you will get a response in 24hrs.
 #2 Partner Program for "video makers"

 How can your team make my videos directly into bitcoin?
1. we can sync your videos to lots of platforms and give your the bitcoin 
2. we help your videos embed the Ads network, so you will get the bitcoin automatically.
Does your service is free?
YES! We don't charge any fees for our partners. 
How many bitcoins can I receive?
If your youtube channel has 1w+ followers, you will get around $2 valued bitcoin each day.
If your videos have 100 views each day, you will get around 9.5 USD dollar.
I don't have a youtube channel, and my videos have 0 views. Can I still get bitcoin?
we will help you upload your videos to many video websites, then your videos will get views day by day. So that you can get the bitcoin.
What should I do if I want to join this program of "video makers"
Step 1: Submit a ticket to our service team, and give us your video links or youtube channel link
Step 2: Sign a contract.
Step 3: Receive the bitcoin to your own wallet.
What are the requirements?
you just need to add the kiwikiwifly logo to your videos and let more users know our website.
Where can I submit a ticket and apply for this program?
just submit a tick here

#3  Partner Program for "100% made in US"

Why should I join the partner program of "100% made in US"

01. Get More Local Aussie Buyers to Your Business.

More and more Local Aussie Buyers love to buy products on the internet, especially when they spend more time watching videos. This partner program can let you get more local Aussie buyers on Youtube and Google.

02. Get More Foreign Buyers, Like Chinese Buyers and Arabic Buyers.

We can be your youtube channel manager, translate your English business videos into Chinese language videos, and Arabic language. 

03. Promote Your Business, More Users Will Know You, and Trust You.
We offer marketplace escrow services for the buyers and sellers.  We protect the transaction security between the sellers and buyers
Do this Affiliate Program is free for me?
Yes, 100% free.
How can I join this Affiliate Program?
You can submit a ticket to our kiwikiwifly service team. Leave your questions and some essential documents.
You will get responses in 24 hours.
What are the requirements of the partner program of "100% made in US"
You must have a real factory or studio in US. 
How can you help me promote my business on youtube and google?
After you made videos of your business, We have a professional technical team that can help you promote your business.
We offer free video editing and uploading services. When buyers search on google or youtube, Your business will get more traffics from buyers.
Videos can be easily integrated for e-commerce platforms. We can integrate product videos with your product posts. We handle all the complexity of buyer logins, checkout, and payments,  You won't wasting time uploading videos, editing videos, modify videos on Youtube, so you can focus on making videos.
What are the requirements of the videos?
You can make any type of video for your products, but the quality of these videos must be at least 1080p.
If I don't know how to make videos, Can you make videos for our products and business? 
We highly recommend you make videos by yourself. In fact, you can use the smartphone to record videos of how to produce your products easily. We can make the original videos into youtube style videos. Anyone cannot make perfect videos without video editing and youtube video editing. If you still cannot or don't have time to make the original videos.
We can send our video creators to your business center. You will be charged by the working hours. 
How many days can I see the results?
If you want the buyers to buy your items and services on youtube as soon as possible, You need to keep making videos every day. We will submit the weekly report to you. the report includes the daily traffic, your youtube video SEO quality score.
When the buyers leave comments on the youtube, say they want to buy my services or products, What should I do?
our team will make a product link for your buyers, and offer escrow payment services for you. Your buyers can buy the products via this product link. Paypal and credit cards are all accepted. After the buyers receive the products, we will release the money to your bank account.
If I don't want to use your marketplace escrow services, What should I do?
It's up to you if don't want to use this marketplace escrow services, and you have your own website.  Buyers can still buy your products on your own e-commerce website. 
 What are the fees of the escrow services?
We charge around 0.2-3%. After you completed your online orders.
Do the services of youtube editing and uploading are free?
YES, 100% free
Can I get some examples of my videos and products?
Check out:
(company profile) 
(product reviews) 
(restaurant reviews)

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