google my business management in Auckland NZ|$600/month = Google My Business Listing+We Will Optimise Your Google My Business, Local Map Pack, Google Maps.

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We will help your business rank higher on Google Maps and Local Search!
Ranking well on Google Maps is extremely important for driving customers to your local business in NZ and Australia. An optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing will put your business in front of more potential customers and give you a leg up on your competition.
Why should my business list on google map and use google my business?

 What You Will Get:

1. $600/month = Google My Business Listing ( Package #1)
✔ Update Categories so that your Profile can be found for all relevant keywords and descriptions of your Business.
✔ Update Business Information to include accurate hours or business and contact details.
✔ Add x 6 New industry-relevant Photos to your Profile to increase photo views and click-through rate.
✔ Response effectively to your reviews from customers to increase keyword-rich content to your Profile.
✔ Add x5 New Google My Business Post to your profile to increase the potential click-through rate.

2. Local Citations/ Directories ( Package #2)
✔ Review current citation NAPs (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency & update inaccuracies
✔ Add x4 new Authoritative Citations i.e. Foursquare, Thomson Local, etc.

3.  $1000/month = google map SEO  ( Package #3)
✔ Review & update website content for Local google map content & NAP accuracy.
✔ Embed Google Maps to the Contact page.
✔  Add or edit your service or products no more than 15 in one month.
✔Add or edit your posts,event,news,offer no more than 15 in one month.

*** This offer will get your Google My Business listing in top shape, paving the way for that desirable top 3 listing in the Local Pack! ***

4. Competitor Tracking (x 1) ( Package #4)

✔ Assess x1 Competitor for Local Pack Ranking & Strategy, and provide feedback report for you

 5.   $600/month = Boost Your Google Web Page Ranking ( Package #5)
       $6000/year  =  three Chinese keywords google ranking seo
Google Web Page Ranking Optimization Service Examples :
 Example 1:  If you search some Chinese keywords on google or bing like 新西兰起司厂家、新西兰食用油、新西兰网购平台、奥克兰洗车、奥克兰华人律师事务所、奥克兰女装店、奥克兰冰淇淋店,奥克兰服装店, etc,you would find is in the first page of google search results.

Example 2:  If you search some English keywords on google or bing like Voice Agency Christchurch, Voice Agency Wellington,Freelance Captioner in Auckland, Subtitling Freelancers in New Zealand, Closed Captioning Freelance in Auckland, 3d rendering wellington, etc,you would find is in the first page of google search results.

Can you get me to Top 3 pack in Google search with my keywords on or

we can guarantee you to have an optimized GMB. That is a must to get to the top 3, but it is not enough on its own. we do white hat SEO. It takes a few weeks to get on top. Fact: To get to the top 3 you need to use several SEO tools, including my service. Please, do some research about SEO.
What info do I give you in order to optimize my google map for my small business in NZ?

1. We can register google map for you. or you need to add me as a Manager to your GMB.  We cannot start my job without it. (Details upon ordering.) 
2. Also please provide me up to 10 photos or your videos about your business, stores, employees, etc. 
3. Let me know 2-3 main keywords of your business you want to be optimized for.
I have a problem with my listing, eg. duplicate, suspended. Can you sort it out?

Your GMB is owned by G., not your business. I can not have an effect on their response or delivery time. We can only get in touch with Google on your behalf, to ask them to fix it. Only they have the right to do it. Google to decide if your problem can be solved. Give it a week or so.
Why do my uploaded picture say "untitled" instead of my listings' name?

The internet needs some time for things to settle. If you just uploaded a pic do not worry, it will automatically have your business' name on it in two days.
How long does it take to get results for my business in NZ?

Results can vary anywhere from 30 - 90 days. For the best results, we always recommend working with us for a minimum of 3 months. SEO doesn't happen overnight and it takes time and skills. But once you're ranking, the investment pays off two-fold.
What countries and cities are accepted?

All countries. We especially work for Small businesses in New Zealand or Australia.
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