Which is the cheapest SIM card in US? Where to buy a prepaid sim card in US?

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You can go to any major store like Target, Walmart etc and compare a wide variety of prepaid simcards in one place (usually is in the back part off the store where electronics are located at)
At some airports in the United States, there are vending machines that will sell you a prepaid SIM card from a carrier such as AT&T, Ultra Mobile, or TracFone.
I called TMobile and additionally discovered that their prepaid data plan is SIM card based only (not possible with ESIM). I thought I'd try to find an "ESIM card" for my Moto G30 (a shot in the dark) but the guy at a Milwaukee store (where I land) said that even if I found an ESIM card I would need to install their SIM for the prepaid data plan - not a problem because the G30 is a dual card phone - but a bummer because I need to get to their store after I arrive. Still, glad to see things are getting easier and look forward to ESIM services.

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