Is there any point to organising your work into sprints if your team was all made redundant and you're the only employee left?

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I think you get to win the majority vote on renaming sprints, or whatever process you want at that point
You can call it “jogging on the spot” if you want a joke to cheer up, but practically: I quite like kanban style organisation for solo/few people organising work

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The board is pretty much the same (backlog/doing/done etc) between kanban and scrum, the major difference is if you plan chunks of work a sprint at a time
kanban is pretty much an endless backlog/icebox without sprints. The part that I like about using kanban solo or small team is not having to plan sprints or have such rigid timeframes around it, but also that kanban has a focus on “reducing number of items in progress at any one time” - this is especially helpful in small teams because any time someone asks for something it tends to interrupt, and before you know it you have 6 items “in progress” without actually devoting enough attention to all of them. Focussing on 1 item at a time helps you get greater throughput


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I find scrum is good when you have a team of 3+ working over a set period to build one particular thing, but it doesn't work as well when you're in maintenance/improvement mode, or when there's fewer people involved, or when the work is spread over a few unrelated areas
It can be nice to bring in the regular cadence stuff like planning, reviews, and retrospectives, but with one or two people you usually don't really need a defined time to have those conversations, and if people aren't working towards the same goal those meetings are a waste of time for at least some people in the room

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