Where to buy wechat scan qr code verification? How to do it?

How can I do  wechat scan qr code verification? If I don’t have a friend. I wanna register a Wechat account? Where can I buy this kind of service?
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You can find a Chinese friend on internet to help you. Or you can search some freelancers on peopleperhour.com 
Then you can fix your wechat sign up problem

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You can find lot of stores sell these kinds of services for you. just google it.

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Hi, I can address your WeChat issues in 24 hours, NZ$40 = Help you scan the WeChat QR code to register a new WeChat account.
You can buy my order from here : https://www.kiwikiwifly.com/?/article/2350

Service Type: business support
Cost: NZ$40
Service Time: 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Escrow Transaction: We follow kiwikiwifly escrow transaction process. When  your payment is submitted for a particular service it takes 14 days for those funds to clear after my job is submitted and marked complete. 
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I always use seoclerk.com to find some freelancers and buy services from them. May be, you can find someone can help you fix your wechat register issue.

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I helped over 520 clients fix their wechat scan qr code verification issue. just go to my online store and check out.


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There are 4 ways to buy wechat scan qr code verification.
1. Go to fiverr kiwikiwifly and peopleperhour, and search wechat keyword in the search box. so you will see lots of freelancers
can offer this kind of services. You can directly buy these services by escrow transaction. It's secure and will save you 
lots of time. the price around $30-$60.
2. Find a Chinese friend. Ask him to verify the wechat qr code for you. 
3. Go to taobao marketplace. This is a marketplace like amazon, but most 60% Chinese use it. The website language is Chinese, but you can use google translate chrome extension. You can buy this service in this marketplace.
4. There also some websites you can buy it. and they always use paypal. You can use the paypal 14 days transaction feature. 


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I can help you.


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Hello, I'm Beu I can fix your wechat registration verification in just 1 to 2hours. I have 2 method to fix your Wechat Registration. I am very professional in this field. Contact me


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