wechat top up rmb|Wechat Pay/Alipay Transfer and top up service微信支付/支付宝/淘宝代付淘宝代购/银行实时转账


Product Specifications

Wechat/ Alipay top up 
Help paid service for Taobao or 1688
Transfer to other China bank account(any Personal Bank account transfer)

Transaction Time:Payment will be done within the same day you place the order.Usually several minutes will be done.
Rate cut off everyday 1pm.

‼️2nd May 2020 Rate: 7

How to place kiwikiwifly order:

At single order, 
Minimum purchase $20
Maximum purchase $100
If you want to buy more than $100, pls separate your payment into several orders. 

For examples: 
you buy a order $100 =  $92 top up + $8 service fee= you receive 648 rmb in your Wechat wallet(04/30 2020 USD-RMB currency rates)

you buy a order $50  =  $42 top up + $8 service fee= you receive 296 rmb in your Wechat wallet(04/30 2020 USD-RMB  currency rates)

 We accept payment as follows:

1. through transferwise (fast and much cheaper than bank transfer fee)
2. we accept cryptocurrency
3. PayPal (need to be lower than usd 24)

How to place offline order:

Chat with customer service or add below






每一个订单,最少20dollar ,最多100dollar,如果需购买超过100dollar,请分别下所需数量的订单。
Pay Tips 01-05-20


i need a top up for my alipay account, i tried with tourpass but they rejected my verification an i need to pay with alipay
How much do you want to top up?
Are you available for topup these days?
iwana echarge my account with 5,000 yuan
I already sent a message to you.
hi, I want to top my Alipay
what are your exchange and service charge
Hello need exchange for 24USD over PayPal
i don't offer this alipay top-up service in this month.
@cloudcoderTyler are you still available to help with top-ups?
YES, I can help you top up your WeChat app.@ajl4888

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