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About WeChat top up Service

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We offer Wechat top up rmb service

   .we can  top up Wechat wallet with PayPal
   .We offer Alipay top up service
   .We help you buy items directly from China. From taobao,1688.com, jd.com or any Chinese website.
I can top up your wechat or alipay account by RMB. In this way, you can buy anything on Taobao, Wechat, jd or 1688.com by using alipay. you can also use wechat or alipay to buy any items and products from China. You can use it in hotels and restaurants when you are a tourist in China. Almost 99% of chinese merchants and sellers accept wechat or alipay payment.
For examples: 
you buy a order $100  =  $92 top up + $8 service fee= you receive 648 rmb in your Wechat wallet(04/30 2020 USD-RMB currency rates)

you buy a order $50  =  $42 top up + $8 service fee= you receive 296 rmb in your Wechat wallet(04/30 2020 USD-RMB  currency rates)

 We accept payment as follows:

1. through transferwise (fast and much cheaper than bank transfer fee)
2. we accept cryptocurrency
3. PayPal (need to be lower than usd 24)
Pay Tips 02-05-20


I paid, how do i recieve it?
Please send the transaction id to me, so that I can submit it to the kiwikiwifly service team.

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