Sydney Sofa Cleaning | We offer Carpet and Sofa Cleaning - Clean Any 2 Rooms - Only $29

We clean residential, commercial, vacation homes and offices..
We are at your service and we look forward to working for you... we also have a garden service...
Thanks  , thanks  
For me the most important thing is that my clients are happy with the service, that’s why we try to do the cleaning job...
That’s why my motto is if you stay happy I’m happy  ,  thanks you...

Clean Any 2 Rooms - Only $29

We are carpet cleaning experts!

Serving the entire Bay Area since 1990.

Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning - 7 days a week

Carpets - Sofas - Mattresses - Area Rugs - Car Seats

VISA / MasterCard accepted

* we charge extra for pet stains & deep cleaning
Pay Tips 19-06-21


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