buy ssl certificate|$10 = I will configure http to https, install ssl certificate or ssl fix wordpress site

No matter you have Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Server, I will install SSL on your website and resolve Mixed content error or any other SSL related issue and get you full green padlock.

Before Began Importance of SSL:

After the 2014 Google Update google announce that which site have ssl,will get ranking boost.

Search Engine Love those sites have SSL in domains (https).


You'll be Safe from small brute force and low security attacks.
Improves Site CTR.
Increase USER Trust.
Improves conversion rate ( Guaranteed)

 Google loves to push up Secure sites and visitor loves to Visit Secure Website's ;) 
Imp Note: Please Contact before order if your website is not on Wordpress. 
Requirements: Need Cpanel, Wordpress and SSL provider Login Details. 

 Have Confusion ? Feel Free to contact us and increase your Ranking and Sales ;) 
How long is the valid time of free SSL?

All Free SSL valid only 3 months ....but if you're hosting support free SSL than it’s valid lifetime.
What is purchased ssl?

I will provide purchase SSL for your site, and it's fully valid 1 year and 1 Year support .
What do you need to get starting the project?

1: I need Hosting login admin for SSL setup 2: WordPress Administrator login admin for all link HTTP to HTTPS , Secure Padlock and SEO friendly
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