What are your experiences of getting jobs in New Zealand?

What are the best ways to find jobs in NZ? How can find  high quality employees in NZ?
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trademe - auckland city

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get a job you need a referral/connections or if you had someone like a friend or family member currently employed in the same company you are applying. Most of the people i knew as most of them are saying they got the job because they knew someone works on the company. Same thing my previous manager told asking if i knew someone. .... And only hire someone who has no referral if the company is so desperate. This is the reality now in New Zealand.


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Are there big companies in new Zealand like MNCs? Also, how good are job opportunities in HR industry?
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I wanna switch my new job in newzealand. I belong from India.. And I have 3 yr software experience..please let me know how I get job opportunities there in NZ..

Cristina Remoto

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its true CV its just an information of your background, but character is always better than anything else..I always told myself I am working to express myself what's with me, what are my strength and my goals, not just to impress my employer or other people. I'm wise as a snake but work humbly like dove.

Thanh Minh Nguyen

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Auckland, New Zealand is overrun with very new immigrants who are exploited and used by racist and prejudiced Employers with low pay rates in a very expensive City


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migrants have to meet that threshold of getting in then they need to meet the new monetary minimum

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